Immediate Public Safety Plan to Address Violent Crime Wave

An extension of his public safety plan announced in October, Shavar's 5-point Immediate Public Safety Plan calls for:

  1. Youth Development and Gang Prevention

    • Increase opportunities for at-risk youth in proven gang prevention and youth development programs.

    • Add at least 1000 after-school slots for children at risk, and at least 200 slots in proven gang-prevention programs for highest risk, gang-involved youth with history of prior crimes.

  2. Non-Violent Offender Diversion

    • Divert non-violent offenders to community-based programs.

    • Use resources under the Affordable Care Act to provide more addiction and mental-health services for youth and adults at risk. This prevents crime by addressing the needs of addicts and those with mental health challenges, and frees scarce criminal justice resources for violent offenders.

  3. Launch Real-Time, Intelligence-Based Crime Control Center 

    • Build and operate real-time crime-control data center to drive intelligence-based preventive policing. 

    • Use forecasting models and analytics to more accurately identify potential criminal activity and more effectively deploy police resources.

  4. Hire 75 Police Officers

    • Hire 75 police officers and deploy them for proactive, intelligence-based community policing in high-crime areas. 

    • Create Violent Crimes Task Force for targeted operations in tandem with crime-control center.

  5. Zero Tolerance for Gun-Related Crimes

    • Pursue mandatory sentences for all illegal gun possession or trafficking in Newark.

    • Pursue mandatory sentences for all crimes involving illegal gun use, including aggravated assaults, armed robberies and homicides.

All of these initiatives can be paid for either with existing resources or through modest reallocation of current expenditures.